Sunday, August 5, 2007

Logo Design: GrantStream Symbols

A few months ago, I designed symbols representing corporate support and caring for communities for GrantStream Inc., a business-to-business company that helps corporations with their corporate citizenship and community involvement programs. Their services include: internet-based technology that allows major corporations to accept and manage requests for charitable donations and sponsorships from community-based organizations; and consulting services that help corporations to identify where they should invest their donations in the community.

As you can see, GrantStream's logo features 2 basic shapes: a white stroke and a yellow spark. I wanted the symbols to be created around the basic shapes of the logo, so when people see the symbols in brochures and materials, they will be immediately reminded of the company.

The symbols I created depict a growing seedling (to represent corporate support), handshake (to represent cooperation), flowers (to represent service) and a house (to represent community care). The common denominator among the symbols is the hand/hands to represent the company's direct involvement in its programs. The stroke and spark are integrated each symbol.

Taking cue from the company website's general color and design, I also created icons for each of the symbol.

Now that's a nice thought... corporate citizenship and community investment: companies beginning to look at their impact on society (and how they can contribute to community development), rather than just their economic impact (or accumulation of wealth)!

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