Thursday, August 9, 2007

Little Bathroom Creatures

During heavy rains and flood, sometimes you'll be surprised what creatures turn up seeking refuge inside the house. When we were still kids, I remember we've even had fishes flapping inside our flooded garden. We would have a swell time scooping up these fishes (dalag and hito!) knowing that these will be our dinner for the night. We had a good time at home during the storm seasons. But it was a totally different thing when you're stranded outside and you're trying to get home. During the 1980's, floods in Ortigas Avenue Extension can reach chest high, and I remember being carried by my dad on his shoulders to reach home! Thank God, it's much better these days… it's only knee high.

Warning: The succeeding texts and images are not for the fainthearted. If you are, I suggest not to proceed.

The recent rains summoned to my bathroom the most unusual creatures. Imagine waking up (and you know how nice it is to sleep during a rainy day, lulled by the monotonous hush of the downpour, tucked snugly in your comforter) realizing you have to take a leak. You run to the bathroom, aim at the toilet bowl and voila you see this!

It was a miracle I didn't pee right there and there, but in fact, I forgot to do it at all. At first I thought it was a "submarine" since it was of the same color (you get what i mean?), but yet it moved! I immediately took my camera and had an impromptu session with the frog in my toilet. For those interested (and I mean only those interested, who don't get sick looking inside toilet bowls with the slimiest creatures), you can view the whole photo shoot at: Flickr Album: Little Bathroom Creatures 2. Here's little froggy captured in video:

I really wonder how that frog came into the bathroom and ended up inside the bowl… I hope it didn't came from inside the bowl, otherwise my sessions there would be extra stressful – I don't want to worry about something crawling up my ass. For those wondering, I didn't flush the frog and is safe back outside.

I named the album "Little Bathroom Creatures 2", because there was an album called "Little Bathroom Creatures 1". A few months back, in almost the same situation, but this time I just finished doing Number 2. I was about to tidy up and picking up a tabo full of water, I see something floating in there. I took it out for closer inspection:

I thought it was a plant part of some sort since it wasn't moving in the water, but as soon as I placed it on a flat surface and poke it a little but, it started to flinch and move! I didn't know what it was then, but I was pretty sure it was a worm or a larvae of some sort… but of what? Again, only for those interested, the whole photo shoot with this creature is at: Flickr Album: Little Bathroom Creatures 1. Here's the thing in moving glory:

Any guess what it was? Here's the answer (drag your mouse in the space after this): After a little research, I discovered that it was actually a cockroach larvae.

Now, I'm quite excited what I'll see next in my bathroom… One can never tell what sorts of other creatures live in those areas.

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