Monday, August 13, 2007

Logo Design: Clarke & Cunningham

This logo was designed for Clarke & Cunningham, solicitors and attorneys from New South Wales, Australia. Logos made for law firms are usually minimalistic and formal, but the clients wanted one that is traditional with a modern twist. They wanted to avoid all symbols usually associated with law firms, for example, the "scales of justice" or the "gavels." I've made logos for law firms before, and it is a general trend to build around the initials of the law firm, in this case, the dual C's. I presented the C's to be clasping each other to create a unique symbol that evokes trust and stability. Presented also in business cards and stationary:


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that your CC logo is the famous Chanel logo??
They have had that logo forever.

Rev Cruz said...

They are indeed very similar... I didn't realize that Chanel already used the CC concept. However, the implementation of the concept is quite different, as mine has a negative space inside and much wider C's. Plus the cross at the back.

Anonymous said...

watch this podcast:

Within the first few minutes of podcast, the mention Chanel logo & someone who also created a "similiar" CC logo that was a bit different like you said.
If anything, it's an interesting podcast anyway.

As for your version,,yes it's got differences but the Chanel logo is so famous that it would come to mind instantly if this company ever used symbol without thier name under it.
I hope this company is at least aware of this possibility upfront.

I like your logo though, chanel thing aside.