Monday, August 20, 2007


Latifa 20

Let me introduce the newest addition to our feline family: Latifa… Some of you may recall an early notebook entry where I traced the lineage of our cats here at home. Now Latifa is the only surviving daughter of Björk among a litter of 4. The other 3 died during birth. Seems Björk has a lot to learn about parenting. Puttanesca herself bore 6 new kittens. Looks like I have to update this page:


Take note that Latifa is only 3½ weeks old, and see how much of a furball she has grown already. We were all excited when Latifa first opened her eyes, and this is how the family discussion went:

Mama: "Oggie, nakita mo na si Latifa? Ang cute cute… pero di niya kamukha si Björk… mas kamukha yung tatay, malaki (with matching hand gestures suggesting how exagerratedly large the stud father was) at maamo mukha..."

Archie (overhearing, indignant): "Teka, sino nagpangalan na Latifa? Masbagay yata na Lupita, mas-cute pakinggan!" (Papa and Oggie, just listening, beginning to smile, seem to know where this discussion is leading to)

Mama: "Ano ba? Masbagay yung Latifa no! Kasi ang taba taba niya. Tsaka, naumpisahan na na puro singers yung pangalan ng lahi ni Aretha…"

Archie (looking at Latifa): "Cute nga siya oh… pero bakit mukha siyang Ewok? Masmaganda yata na Ewok na lang tawag natin" (halatang nangaasar na)

Ian (ako ito, imitating the high pitched voice of an Ewok): "Ayun maganda!" (Star Wars fans should know why I said this! If you don't, click this link: Tagalog Ewok)

Mama: (already cuddling Latifa) "Ano ba?! Maayos na nga yung pangalan eh, di ba Lupita?" (without realizing what she said.).

All this talk happening while Sigrid repeatedly saying in the background "Awwwww, ang cute-cuuute! Awwwww, ang cute-cuuute!"

Check out the other pictures of Latifa, as well as the other cats at Flickr: Felis Catus.

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