Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Logo Design: Quasar Light Therapy

I designed this logo for Quasar Light Therapy, a manufacturer and seller of light therapy devices for use in spas and salons. They already have their own existing logo and mock-up posters for advertising purposes but apparently they were looking for something different. The logo style must be spa-like, professional, clean and simple and should evoke comfort, relaxation and elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the name of the company, "quasar" which is one of a thousand known extragalactic objects, starlike in appearance and having spectra with characteristically large redshifts, that are thought to be the most distant and most luminous objects in the universe. Here is an image representing a quasar.

I wanted to integrate the galaxy features of a quasar in the logo, and also to represent light flow. I also tried to integrate the letter "Q" into the design. Here are the basic stroke paths for the design, basic circular arcs to form the body and tail of the "Q".

Here is the final logo upon application of appropriate brush/artistic media tool for the paths. The colors the client preferred were used.

The poster presentation with the new logo:

It's quite interesting how this logo was accepted around the time I was preparing for a lecture on laser therapy as used in physical therapy. The use of lasers for pain relief has been quite controversial as several studies have shown mixed results. It appears that nerve tissue has a photosensitive component, which results in a biostimulation blockade response following laser exposure but these are dependent on the parameters of the laser used, such as energy density and depth of penetration. But it is without contention that laser has a profound effect on dermatologic lesions and conditions. It is no wonder that lasers will be used widely and more commonly in spas and cosmetic establishments.


Anonymous said...

So cool so were you personally in contact with this company? I ask because I have been thinking bout purchasing one of their products but haven't gotten up the nerve to get one yet. Were they nice? Since you likely worked with the higher ups who would you recommend I speak to?

Anonymous said...

Glaring errors upon first glance:

"Results" is broken up on to two lines rather awkwardly

Wrong form of the word "its" (do not include the apostrophe, otherwise you are say it is "loved by it is users")

Other than that, the actual Quasar logo is very nice!

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