Thursday, August 16, 2007

Legilimens (A peek inside my Moleskine notebook and other sketches…)

There's something about being stuck in your home, or being stranded outside as the rains continue to pour on. Outside, perhaps it's the adventurous feeling, the fear that you might not be able to go home knowing the But when you're at home, perhaps it's the comfort and privacy, that for at least moment, you can just rest, forget about work (for a moment) and be yourself. It's a time to be creative without guilt and worry.

It's been months since I started filling up my Moleskine with my sketches and notes. In a way, it has become a reflection notebook, and as we in CBR would call it, my "nilay" notebook. I would like to personally call it my low-tech blogging device, since I much prefer writing in it than typing my blogs. Some of my Moleskine entries manage to find themselves featured in some of my blogs here. However due to time constraints, most of them might never make it in their digital counterpart. Let me take this opportunity to provide you a peek at my recent sketches/notes:


Scatterbrain... in a way, that's what I am right now. With a lot of things in my mind, a lot of things I have to finish and accomplish and lot I would wish doing, I end up doing everything at the same time, to the expense of quality... focus or missed opportunities. (July 28, 2007)


Watsu… Poetry in Water. Everyone should experience watsu at least once in their lifetime... with complete trust to the giver one can achieve deep relaxation and mobility not achievable in ordinary land exercises and massage. Some have even described the experience as very emotional and nostalgic. By the way, this entry features the imperfection of my Moleskine which you can see on the right side... an extra flap of paper folded in... the page which I drew this is crumpled, but I was able to get the most of it! (July 31, 2007)


Which is more dominant: the right or left brain? Apparently, each side of the brain possesses certain characteristics (by virtue of apparent mapping of the various functions of the brain) which manifest themselves through patterns, behavior and cognitive processes. Though both sides of the brain naturally work together, it can be said that one hemisphere is dominant. After taking the inventory, I realized (not surprisingly) that I am more of a right brain person. Which are you? (August 8, 2007)


Dreaming of Heaven or "Mabait lang kung tulog..."(August 9, 2007)


Just finished this… A few of my favorite things... the sound of snow falling, and the feel and sound of your feet sinking on stiff snow ; when the rising moon sees the setting sun (reminiscing the song "Sun and Moon"; from Miss Saigon); the blue moon looking unusually large in the silent night sky; a vanilla sky, with palettes of cream, cinnamon and cyan; a moment with a book while enjoying the soothing aroma and sweet sips of chai tea latte; the arresting view of a night horizon filled with the ghostly ribbons of aurora; the scents of women's perfumes... oh, the list continues... (August 14, 2007)

Maria Makiling

I was demonstrating to my friend Mitch (who is very good in creating cartoon characters!) how I make my drawings and on one occasion I showed him how to use the brush pen. Unfortunately, I made this quick drawing on used bond paper (at the back side is a page from a discarded thesis draft)… The drawing features Maria Makiling inspired from Irene Sarmiento's short story entitled "Malakas and Maria" which by the way is already published in the Philippine Free Press. Oh how I wished I drew this on high-grade Bristol board. I'll be coming up with drawings based on her other short stories. One of these days, I'll release a graphic novel.

Some people say, you can tell a lot about the person based on his drawings. I believe this. A person may always be able to hide behind the words he spoke or written, but one is always at the risk of revealing himself through his drawings (especially if you know where to look at)…

All my other Moleskine entries can be viewed at Flickr Album: My Moleskine.


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