Sunday, December 26, 2010

So be good for goodness' sake!


Just when we thought Santa's not serious when it was said, "So be good, for goodness' sake", here comes Xaphan, Santa's fiery elf to carry out his worst secret missions.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fiery Holidays to all!


Wishing everyone a Fiery Christmas and a Blazing New Year! There's something about the coming year that will be uplifting for all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010



"It seems life is constructed in a way that no one can fulfill it alone. Life contains its own absence, which only an other can fulfill. It seems the world is the summation of others and yet, we neither know nor are told that we will fulfill each other. We lead our scattered lives, perfectly unaware of each other; Or at times, allowed to find the other's presence disagreeable. Why is it, that the world is constructed so loosely?"

Miknok Nikeni Wagum


Merduk naflotani kuti ferpon. Refuman nor me ayutan fri. Froman-ruppendiskulana fi. Kuti ruppen tinduts fi. Adlunini Zeppun ru. Kuti tindantsunati Adlunini ruppen klupendut. Plud dut pukhi La Pang it akhu khoki me. Ku palak holomin Kalam Ngipun Shippunde Kuti Reppundi Zek eras Ku phalandi re Merduk miknok mek kendolomon re. Ayu Zeppundu re ti Dopondol ki fitalon.

Kalipantoran Zerdunyalondi keppu reppunda koloko indak put ain holorondika Taron Ki. Fulando rolondok titilongaring kopol pilikon porokulan merduk parfulandok kili-dontafen fi zuppan rhopa reppun zolonki kepundulant nelun pholondolar kepunduran Ken fi zorbankorngiz miknok Kepu niken Kuti lor rhop refuman fi zun kolon zi Zephi Zoool Zun Zi.



The Golden Boy


Conquest of the Giants


One down, two to go, and then freedom!



My head is in the trees... I feel the breeze as it blows the leaves and sways my branches... I let out a sigh from the depths of my lungs, as it breathes life around me... And the feeling of hope lingers, keeping a promise I intend to keep... Though I move slowly through the stream of time and dispersed through its many tributaries... Surely I will reach my intended destiny...

Dreaming in Water


Sink deep in soothing water,
Bathe in the truth of joy and sorrow,
Free the mind to realms uncharted…
Sleep, dream and live.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Logo Design: Cassiopeiae Sweets


It's the season again for joy and merriment and what better way is there to make hearts happy but through gift-giving. And you're always sure to win through a box of delectable fudge cake… or some zesty lemon cashew… or some sweetly intoxicating fruit cake… I better stop there, because there's more ways than these that Cassiopeiae Sweets can offer.

Coming home from a 2-year stint as pastry chefs in the world's first seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab of Dubai, my sister, Gelyn and her friend Marge decided to venture into creating their own cake and pastry business. They invested on my mom's sought after and time-tested recipes (my mom's Solita's Kitchen), and actually improving on it by perfecting its taste and presentation using the skills and experience they gained from abroad. Looking at their first batch of sweets, one couldn't deny the effort put into the presentation (how often do you find authentic gold leaf as garnish?) and more so to its rich flavor. I couldn't prevent myself from helping out in the best way I can… by creating their logo brand.

They chose the name "Cassiopeiae" because it creates an image of stars shining in the night sky, something that they aim to emulate through their creations. After some brainstorming about the name (and we did have some interesting debates), I sat down to draw some working concepts. I started selecting fonts, and worked on the graphic around it.



And after some deliberations, the final design was chosen. It wouldn't be a surprise though that I would also be tasked to create their label design. Simple and homegrown.


Highly recommended and it doesn't matter whether you have a sweet tooth or not. Great gifts especially for the holiday season. Scroll down on the pdf viewer below for their products.

For inquiries and orders, call Gelyn at 09166438963 or Marge at 09178250705.