Monday, April 23, 2007

For the new graduates...

Another batch of students graduate, another schoolyear of hardwork accomplished. As most of the faculty returns from our annual college planning (this time organized at a beautiful private beach in Cabangan, Zambales), I am busy thinking of what the PTdepartment's graduation token for this year's graduates will be. The previous year's tokens were drawings of the faculty members presented in caricature styles. Of course, this year's drawing would still feature the faculty members, but I was imagining which style to use... I started work as soon as I found the time (I had to take a day off to finish the line work) and since the design involves entirely digitized work, my tablet was easily on flames in no time. Anyone familiar with Linklater's Waking Dreams, and the recent Scanner Darkly will notice that I adapted the same style of digital rotoscoping, enhancing the basic lines of the face, still making them recognizable. Here's what the PT graduates of this year will be receiving this year from the department (I hope you'll be able to recognize us!):

At the back are the personal messages of each PT faculty member, which I scanned and rearranged for layout purposes.

The design was then printed, cut (3" x 4.25" card format) and then laminated. Thanks to Sigrid for helping me out, the work finished faster. Our mini assembly line managed to produce 56 tokens in all! I hope the graduates appreciate these...

To the new graduates... congratulations! I hope you remember and imbibed everything that we have taught you, by thought and by example... and that you share to others, not only your knowledge and skills, but also the core values that a true UP graduate possesses. God bless to you all!

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