Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Logo Design: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department of Makati Medical Center

In time for the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week Celebrations last July, The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department of the Makati Medical Center (MMC) commissioned me to create a logo for them. Candice, a staff physiotherapist sent me their initial concepts, which she described as something that looks so much like "The Incredibles":

They wanted a logo that would be used in pamphlets, official documents, lectures, embroideries – all official functions of the department. The logo then had to be simple, iconic and easily represented in all types of media, including clothing. Thinking about a representative symbol for a rehabilitation clinic is not easy especially if you want to be unique. Cliché symbols includes stylized humans in various dynamic poses, wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment and many else (and I've used so much of these in many previous projects!). I started with a particular symbol, that of a hand (which is a cliché symbol in itself). But then I added an ellipse above to make it somehow look like a person.

I then arranged three of these symbols into a composition, something I hope will be able to represent 3's in the rehabilitation profession: the rehab team of the physician, therapist and client, the allied professions composed of the physical therapist, occupational therapist and the speech pathologist, and their vision, mission and objectives.

The idea behind the logo drew an instant appeal from their staff and department head, Dra. Melissa Zamuco-Mercado, and was immediately integrated as part of their celebrations and department branding. As of this moment, the logo is already in use, and pending final approval by the administration of MMC.

And the simplified 3 color versions with the circular seal variation.


Ricardo.B.Mano said...

Hello Rev Cruz. I'm helping my wife who is a professor of Occupational Therapy, University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, in a study in which a presentation is to demonstrate the performance of occupational therapy in a hospital context. In search of icons that I could use, I found that its symbol, which I liked very much. In our case I would need to add one more symbol. I wonder if I can use this symbol that you created, and if so, if you have this symbol in PNG to send me. Thank you for your inspiring creation and the concept behind it.

Rev Cruz said...

Hi Sir, which image are you interested in? The logo itself is property of the center, and there may be limitation as to the usage of any part of the logo.

Anonymous said...

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