Friday, September 26, 2008

Logo Design: Akande Music and Publishing

Akande Inc. is a 12-year old company that has been immersed in artist development, songwriting & song production. Akande Inc. has most recently decided to include publishing to its list of services. With a publishing campaign slated to begin Summer 2008, Akande Inc. is developing a diverse catalog of songs targeted towards the following industries: Movies, Advertising/Marketing, Television and Gaming. Aside from continually looking for unique individuals to help maintain an interesting and diverse sound within their catalog and extending their genre (Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock and Folk Pop) to also include Metal, Dance and Children's Music. In line with their ongoing expansion, they would also like to spruce up the logo they currently have... something that would ultimately sit well on a website, t-shirt and business card.

Here is their original logo, which is actually a guitar tablature with the A chord. The red dots match the color of the A in the text.

The logo is a very distinct one, and although they were open to significant modifications of the logo, I thought that drastically deviating from their branded image will be detrimental to their planned expansion. Here are versions showing a more dynamic representation of the tablature and text.

Thinking that the slanted 3d-fied version of the tablature looks slightly unbalanced (doesn't work well as an icon), so here are versions where the tablature forms the negative space in a distinct iconic shape.

And in versions in horizontal arrangement and "just the dots" configuration in a font similar to the original one.

Ultimately choosing my original icon proposal, but fine-tuning the size of the dots.

Looks good as black and white versions and a mock-up proposal of their website (how the logo will be used in the website).

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