Monday, January 23, 2012

Logo Design: LazyBob

LazyBob is a company that sells and installs swimming pools and automatic lawn movers. The name of the company is a bit unusual, and the owners chose it because it sounds fun, easy to remember and is also a bit "provocative". The word "lazy" have two meanings in the company name. According to the owners, the name stands for:

“The first and most obvious one is that we provide products and services to people who prefer to have a nice time at the pool rather than spending time working with their garden, i.e. they can be seen as a bit lazy. The second meaning of the word "lazy" is that we as a company will use the best possible products and methods when performing our services in order to do it as fast as possible - in order for us to work as little as possible, i.e. we can be seen as lazy. In the end this is of course a positive thing for the customer since the cost for the service will be low. The name Bob also has two meanings, it can either be the staff that performs the services (building pool, cleaning roof etc) or customer himself who enjoys a nice moment at the pool while the automatic lawn movers takes care of the grass and a worker (Bob) cleans his roof.”

There are numerous approaches to creating this logo. One of the things I thought of was creating a mascot which will also act as their main logo. However, research shows that in their business, most companies are already using characters to represent their company. Generally, character design is complicated and time-consuming, and may be beyond their budget. I settled for creating a simple crest or text-based design with minimal graphical elements. The crest works very well in different media. These were the studies for the logo:


The owner opted for the rectangular emblem (to my relief) to be developed further. To highlight each word of the company’s name, and to add more character to the text, I used different fonts. The background features their two main services, pool and grass services.


And the final design, in a dark background.


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