Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paranormal Philippines v2: Prints are now available!


It's been a slow work in progress but I've finally completed re-drawing Paranormal Philippines! No drastic changes, I just made the lines clearer and sharper, the text parts more readable so it can still be clear even when blown up to a 30" x 45" inch print! I've been receiving numerous requests through my DeviantArt account to have the original Paranormal Philippines ready as a print. So I used this opportunity to update the artwork, so it will be pretty to look in full map size. A full-size map of the Philippines featuring our favorite Filipino mythological creatures! And I prepared it in two versions, black print on ancient parchment paper, and white on black. Just head on to , select the map you prefer and click "Buy as Print". You'll notice it's available on different formats, from greeting cards to puzzles and mugs and lots more!

I understand that there's a bigger demand to have this on T-shirt. Frankly, I've seen this printed on shirts without my permission (apparently, they used the picture grabbed from the internet). I wonder who those motherf*$#ers are. They don't look pretty and the print is just to blurry for you to make out the details. Take note, that Paranormal Philippines is copyrighted and is protected by the law! *grins* Well, there already exists real Paranormal Philippines shirts, and I've been wearing the prototypes (dark grey print on grey shirt, as below; silver on black, white on black) for quite some time now. What prevents me from releasing it yet is that I am still not satisfied with the print. I'm still looking for a shirt printer who can execute the design perfectly. So for those who have been waiting, sorry, you will still have to wait for the official shirt. But I assure you, it will come out and when it does, it will be perfect!


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