Monday, April 5, 2010

Raisinhead places 2nd at the People’s Choice Awards

This is quite old news already, and I myself am wondering why it took me a long time to post this. I have been very busy lately and in a way mentally and emotionally preoccupied with a lot of things. Yes! Raisinhead placed 2nd at the People's Choice Awards, which just proves how many friends love me, haha! But really, I thank everyone who took time to register at and vote for my baby.

Revelations 37

The awarding night was an unforgettable one - very informal, lots of yuppies (My dad felt out of place and can't stop muttering, "Puro bata naman pala rito!"), premium San Mig beers, but most especially we had Neil Gaiman grace the event. Of course, I was hoping to at least place in the top 3 in the judges' picks so I can personally spend time with Neil. But that didn't stop me from approaching him on the stage and have a little discussion. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery!

Congratulations to all the deserving winners, especially to Irene who placed 1st place in the People's Choice Awards and 2nd place Judges' pick! Woohoo!

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