Monday, April 5, 2010

Logo Design: UnoNovè

What do you see in this logo?

UnoNovè, is a small company based in Los Angeles and they manufacture and sell woman's active sportswear apparel. They were looking for a logo that would represent fitness and style, can be artsy but not overly masculine (as most sportswear apparel logo tends to be). Since the name of the company literally means "19", the logo should somehow draw inspiration from it.

My first concept utilized the Roman version of the number, "XIX" which is a very interesting symbol to work with as it is inherently symmetric and allows itself to a variety of design executions. I came up and submitted this version, which evokes elegance. I was not exactly confident in the design as it particularly fails to represent "fitness" and more of the "style". Looking at it, it works better as a high fashion apparel logo, rather than a sportsline.

I worked on another concept, this time focusing on the original "19" and executing it in a simple iconic design. Looking at the numbers, I felt the key would be the head of the number "9". I worked on numerous sketches, and finally executed it in the version first shown at the top of this blog.

And on a dark background:

I tested it by showing the design to people, and obviously they see a flower, particularly a rose, as most of you did. Only then when they see the name of the company or they are told outright do they realize the rose is actually the number "19". I felt immediately that I hit it confidently with this design, and I was genuinely excited with it, and I really hoped UnoNovè pick this one. It can be executed in a variety of colors and will work well with embroidery and print. And they did pick this design!

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