Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Work in Progress: Paranormal Philippines v2

About 3 years ago, I created what could be one of my most popular creations: Paranormal Philippines. It's basically a Philippine map, where each geographic detail is drawn with the country's folklore and mythology.

Paranormal PhilippinesA4

Originally inspired from Aaron Hogg's Para-Normal US, I intended this design to be printed on a shirt. I would like to apologize to everyone who had been waiting all these years for the T-shirt, but due to numerous circumstances, it can't come out yet. I had no time to produce the T-shirts yet, and besides, the design is not prepared yet for printing. Though it looks nice as a whole, once you zoom into the parts of the work, you will notice how smudged it is. This is expected, as it was drawn on A4 paper with a 0.1 fine line marker.

It is about time I update the artwork. This time, I plan to expand the map 500% of the original A4 and work with a variety of tools from ink brushes, brush and fine line markers. This is just a comparison of how the original compares with the new version. The other parts look more awesome.


This is something to look forward to. The Paranormal T-shirts will soon become a reality. Besides Paranormal Philippines v2, I'm currently researching for a new comic I'll be working on. Let's just say it's a combination of the historical and the supernatural. And if you have frequented my blogs, its plot won't come as a surprise to you. March will definitely a busy month, from numerous speaking engagements (aquatherapy and ergonomics), creative projects and an awarding ceremony plus I'll be officially training for BodyCombat! Hope I survive this busy month… Ciao!

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