Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Personal Retrospective of 2009

The Year 2009 has been an action-filled year despite the disasters and other numerous setbacks everyone experienced that year. Personally, the year had definitely been a rewarding one. Not only was I able to further and expand my creative endeavors but I was also able to establish a masterful grasp in my other areas of interest as well. It's scary, but I was able to cross out a lot of items from my "List of Things To Do Before I Die" so does that mean… Uhhm, stop the morbid thoughts, I ended up adding more to the list, making sure it was a loooong list. I wrote this in response to the lyrics of a song from Rent. So how did I measure my year?

The Year in Logos. Here are some of the logos I made this year. Again, a bunch full of variety and styles.

I should mention, that although there were numerous projects this year, there were some projects that simply fizzled out (that is, the projects were already completed as commissioned, but were stolen, ignored or abandoned). It's sad to think that some of these failed projects involved fellow Filipinos whom you would expect to be more supportive but ended up depreciating your efforts. I can't help it, but I enjoy working with people who truly appreciate and give value to artistic creations. I should be more cautious in accepting commissions and adapt more effective strategies in dealing with my clients. I know I haven't been able to update my blogs with my recent logo creations, but hopefully I would find more time this year.

The Year in Illustrations. This year, I was able to join Ang I.N.K. (Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan) and through it, I was able to affirm myself further as an artist. It's truly gratifying to be able to visit the UP College of Fine Arts for our regular meetings, discuss our projects and learn from other artists: things I could only dream of doing before. As an INKie, I was able to create illustrations for books, newspapers and exhibits! But if there was one achievement I could cite, it would be for my entry illustrations for "Ang Higante Sa Loob Ng Aming Bahay" which garnered Honorable Mention at the 2009 PBBY Alcala Award. The year 2009 affirmed my ability to create art but I learned that I should be more daring and exploratory.

The Year in Books. The year marked the publication of the book "Spinning" and its Filipino counterpart "Paikot-ikot." It's so exciting to be able to promote the book with Irene, and finally being able to see it in the bookstands. Interesting, I used to fall in line to get my books signed by their authors, but this time, I was on the other side of the table signing and giving autographs to both kids and adults. The other book "Chulliyaw" was also published this year, as a project of the Australian Embassy. It wasn't made available to the general public, being a private project with the Kalinga communities, but I hope that this Kalinga storybook series will be made available for public consumption this coming year.

The Year in Moleskine. I actually hoped I could make more entries this year in my Moleskine book, but ended up making only 9 (I made 13 last year). And most of my Moleskine art were actually studies for some illustrations. I promise to create more entries this year, and perhaps create more reminiscent of my 2007 entries.

The Year in BodyPump. This year also marked my official participation in the growing fitness industry. Being able to complete my training in Les Mills' BodyPump through Fitness First, I am now a group fitness instructor. I know it would seem difficult for some of you to imagine me leading a group fitness class (relax guys, this is BodyPump, I'm not required to dance here, hehe), but I've always thought I had a knack for it. Now only do I get free access to the gym, but through this, I am constantly reminded to stay fit and strong. Not only is it a great assured workout, but it is a huge ego-booster as well. It's so rewarding to see the students sweat and grunt, and flash their smile and thanks after an hour's workout. After 3 releases, I've taught more than 120 classes for the year 2009 and hopefully earn my international certification in 2010. Catch my BodyPump classes at FitnessFirst RCBC, every Mondays 6:30 AM and Wednesdays 7:45PM, at FitnessFirst Manila, every Tuesdays 8:15PM and at FitnessFirst MetroEast (with Bea), every Saturdays 4:00 PM.

The Year in Runs. Lots of runs! It's interesting that recently, there's been a surge in the frequency of fun-runs and marathons – almost every weekend! And as much as I can, I made sure I was putting in the miles. As a constant reminder to this newfound love for running, I've collected all my bibs to the window curtain in my room.

More than 120 official cumulative kilometers completed, and many more unofficial ones, but I do hope that this coming year will mark the completion of my first marathon (42km).

The new year will be a promising one for everyone. Expect lots of changes, drastic and high-risk but hopefully successful ones. So bring it on 2010!

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NMC said...

Inspirational. Always good to audit every year. Write things down so you can sit back and appreciate it, then renew your focus for what you need to improve or achieve next.