Saturday, January 10, 2009

When One Is Down…


I have this corner with dolls and puppets staring at me as I work on my table... Here they are reminding me of a prayer:

Prayer When One is Down

I know, Lord, that you believe in me

Dear Lord,
There are decisions
that must be made
and obligations
that must be fulfilled.
There are deadlines to be met
and duties to be performed.
But I know, Lord,
that you will lead me
to the right path.

I do have bad days
and I make stupid mistakes;
I know I sometimes fail
to live up to people's expectations.
But, Lord, despite my shortcomings
I know you have not given up on me.

I am not as beautiful
as I want to be;
I am not as young
as I used to be;
I am not as talented
as I wish to be;
I am not as strong
as I strive to be.

But Lord, you make me feel
I am someone great
because you choose me
to be your servant.

I know I am special
and important in your eyes:
you gave up your life
to save me
and set me free. Amen.

by Msgr. Ruperto C. Santos, STL

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