Saturday, January 24, 2009

Logo Design: Eden Park

"Enjoy stress-free, maintenance-free living in a beautiful active adult community in West Nyack, New York… With its incredibly convenient location, Eden Park is the perfect place for the active adult to call home. Why wait?" I was tapped to create logo concepts for Eden Park Homes, LLC by the same people I worked with in the Fairfax Park logo project. The client provided a preliminary brochure with information regarding the community, and from the get-go, they wanted something like a tree (ala Garden of Eden), a park, a green scene to represent them. Here are sample images from the brochure they provided:

The information they provided were more than enough, and it seemed natural to go for the tree concept. The challenge here was to create a tree image that would stand out from thousands of logos of similar communities featuring trees in their designs. The tree should also be able to evoke the almost magical and sacred dignity associated with that tree of Eden. I drew these preliminary designs and somehow, I stayed away from the use of realistic silhouettes of real trees (I actually reviewed the common trees present in the West Nyack vicinity) and endowed my tree concepts with a more flowing element. Here are the designs:

I was secretly wishing that the client would choose the topmost versions, because somehow I was quite excited with the color possibilities for this design. However, the client chose the lowermost version. This was still an exciting design to do follow-up work on, because the challenge in this design is how to create the ethereal flow in the branches of this tree. For the text, I used a pretty common font (Copperplate Gothic) which I admit is already an overused and dated font, but I felt when used properly in tandem with the graphic can still work pretty well. I provided 2 versions of this concept. One with just the branches and the other populated with leaves. Here's the vector work:

Color options were limited, and using the colors of the brochure, which I assumed were the colors they liked, and besides, it works well with the logo, I worked on the logo. Dark green background brings out the golden yellows of the main logo. Here's the final design:

The client was satisfied with the final design, and this was one of the few projects I worked on which required little or no revisions at all. I don't know, but the tree in the design and all this Eden paradise idea, makes me sing "This Nearly Was Mine…"