Friday, December 7, 2007

Tee Graphic Design: “Poetic Synergy” (Threadless)

It's been a long while since I submitted a design for Threadless due to work and other creative projects. Well, I recently created a design and I need you guys to show some support. How? By visiting my design's page over at Threadless and give it a high score (of course, only $5 will count for me, haha). Don't forget to leave some nice comments there, because I would love my design to get serious approval! The only way my design's going to get printed at Threadless is if it scores so high and gets so popular that the people at Threadless have no other choice but to print it (that's crowdsourcing at its heart, you sell what the people want.).

My Threadless submission: "Poetic Synergy"

My design is entitled "Poetic Synergy" which is meant to represent harmony in nature… harmony even with the seemingly unceasing chaos… the infinite of the sea, the freedom of the sky and the heart of the land… You can draw your own interpretations. It's visual poetry. Some of you may recall my Moleskine entry "H2Om", well this is a variation of that, a more detailed nature-based version of the subtle Om. It may be too artsy for Threadless (whose catalog includes a lot of "visual puns" and comedic designs), but sometimes, they get these type of designs printed.


The original moleskine entry: "H2Om"

The linework of "Poetic Synergy"...

So there, I am really determined to have one of my designs printed at Threadless (let's say it's one of my creative goals) an I hope this is the one… So click on these banners and show some LOVE!

My Submission


aldwin said...

I really like this design, i hope it gets printed.

Anyways, I would just like to know how long does it usually take for your orders to arrive from threadless. Cause, I ordered mine last oct 5, and i chose the priority delivery but still haven't received them.

and does it pass through post office, or straight to your home?

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