Monday, October 29, 2007

Retrospection: The Logbook!

Old picture albums have that uncanny ability to take you down memory lane. But nothing can compare to the vividness of retrospection that a written record of daily experiences can provide. Especially, if it's a log of friends, mutual experiences immortalized in words, mementos and art. Not only does it revive old experiences, but also provides a window view to the quirkiness of each individual in this circle of friends, a taste of their precious randomness, awesome brilliance, arresting humor and lovely insights. Presenting: The Logbook!

I'm sure my friends have been wondering where the logbook was, and perhaps through the years, people have forgotten that I was assigned as the guardian of this piece of college history. I also promised that I will scan every page of the logbook for archiving purposes, preserving it in digital glory. Thanks to my brothers who took turns in scanning every page (almost 300 pages!)

Here's the unforgettable cover of the logbook: (Betay, Rev, Roman, Alona, Mylene, Edleen, Ivy, Kata, Deanna and Alain...)

000 Cover

Full scans of every page of the logbook can be viewed in my Multiply Album: College Logbook and/or Flickr Album: College Logbook… Enjoy!

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