Thursday, November 8, 2007

Logo Design: The Colony Veteran’s Day Fun Run and The San Diego USO Stars and Stripes Run

Making sports-themed logos is a great experience. Not only would I be challenged to infuse the design with the essence of the sport, it should be something that would evoke pride especially if it's a team logo. "A hot team logo is a gold mine in the varsity jacket's business..." Successful merchandising depends on how the logo fares. Haha, but a team's success doesn't usually depend on how "hot" the logo is.

Recently, I designed a logo for The Colony Veteran's Day Fun Run. It will be the first annual Veteran's Day Run (a 5K race) hosted by The American Legion in The Colony, TX and will be participated in by all age ranges (divisions include 80+) on November 10, 2007. The organizers wanted the logo to evoke fun and most importantly patriotism. Naturally, it should embody anything that symbolizes Veteran's Day and running. Red and blue, stars and stripes and speed already came to mind… and here was my proposal:

The "fast" central graphic may be a little extreme for veterans, but I guess I was able to balance this by framing it within a circle with the text in a friendly "slower" font. How I would like to see the logo in action on the day itself!

I also designed a proposal logo for The San Diego USO Stars and Stripes Run. In this version, the outlines of the running person are more distinct (I used reference pictures of marathon runners). I drew the stripes to seemingly flow from the runner to show speed. A stripe even wraps around to represent victory and the pride of achievement one gets by completing a run. The stars also seems to flow out magically from the runner to evoke fun.

Sometimes I would like to test how my logos would look, so I created a mock-up picture. I borrowed a picture of an actual marathon integrating within it the design.

Works no? As of now, the copyright for this one still belongs to me, since it seems they have already chosen another one. So anyone interested in purchasing this logo, just contact me.

For the meantime, I'm setting myself up for another physical challenge. I'll be participating in the 1st Men's Health Urbanathlon to be held at Bonifacio Gobal City on November 18, 2007. Here is a preview of what I will face on that day (highlights from the New York counterpart):

Exciting! Wish me luck! I'll just be glad if I am able to finish it ALIVE! Haha!

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