Monday, September 17, 2007

Logo Design: Bobath Philippines

Mylene Aguirre emailed me if I could develop her ideas for the logo of Bobath Philippines. She was tasked to make a logo for the Bobath advocacy group that Deanna Maranion is spearheading. It's actually a group of pediatric therapists practicing in the Philippines which is also open to PT and OT students and allied medical professionals involved in pediatric rehabilitation. They say they need the logo on print materials for upcoming seminars and would also like to it embroider it on shirts. She attached an image she was working on: focus on the B, shaped like a swaddled baby because after all, the group works with pediatric-age patients.

It was a very nice idea! And I'm glad that I don't have to come up with new ideas of my own, which in my experience in logo designing, takes a lot longer than the actual execution of the logo. Planning for a logo requires research and study… and immersion (you have to think like your client!). You have to understand Mai's drawing. It was done using a mouse in a raster program so you can't expect much (Hehe, sorry Mai, but at first glance, I thought it was a fetus or even an insect larva).

With the idea in place, I immediately proceeded in executing the design digitally. Since the logo was text-based, with the graphic integrated within the text, a huge deal of concern should be given to the font selection. I chose from a variety of popular fonts used in Web 2.0 designs and settled to choose on my favorite font. I worked on the B, oversized it a bit, and started adding the elements there. I wanted to retain Mai's curl (an eye) in her original drawing and interpreted it as the baby's "kiss me" in my design. Here is the initial design.

Although the baby takes up most of the visual attention to the design, the shape of the B is retained, thus still making it readable. I tested it among people… and it really catches the attention. It was a very "cute" design. Although I could have used a more abstract approach (less lines, just enough to give the impression of a baby), I think its "cuteness" will work for the organization, will draw more attention from its clients, both adult and children. The only comment that really bothered me was from my brother who noticed how his arms looked so much like boobs. That was really alarming, and to think that I didn't notice it before. (Haha, don't ask me why he of all people noticed it, or even why me as an artist, could have unconsciously integrated it in my work…). Here's the new design.

And finally, I completed the design with the other textual elements and added some Web 2.0 glass/reflection effects. Here's the final full-color design.

Naturally, a solid and b/w version was provided. Make sure you visit their Multiply site at Bobath Philippines Advocacy Group and inquire about their continuing education programs.

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