Sunday, September 23, 2007

Logo Design: Bed & Biscuit Pet Care

I've made some logo and branding concepts for veterinary clinics before and I must say that it was always an interesting and rewarding experience. The reason for this is that designing for veterinary clinics always involved some form of mascot creation, and having quite a fondness for cartoon characters, I would always accept projects involving any form of character design. Plus, I like animals, particularly dogs and cats. And depicting them in cute, funny and comical situations is always enjoyable. Recently, I discussed in a blog about the creative process for iRescueRover (of which I am currently making a series of designs for their shirt line), but here are designs for previous clients.

Bed & Biscuit Pet Care, based in San Antonio, TX, provides services for pet sitting (in their home), pet boarding (in the client's home) and to a lesser degree dog walking, mail pickup and plant care. They wanted a design that will be used for company branding and advertising. The logo should be fun, but professional. It should represent trust and love of animals. They suggested using symbols that are animal themed (i.e. paw, head, full body, silhouette, dog bone, etc.). The client wanted dogs used specifically, but can also include cats and images of house / home.

I submitted 3 concepts. Here are the 2 designs that are basically mascot based.

But among the 3 concepts I submitted, I definitely like the 3rd design which is more simple. It is text-based rather than graphics heavy. The idea was almost accidental, since I was trying to figure out a way of integrating animals, particularly dogs and cats into the text, in very much the same way I did for the Two by Two clinic. While examining the letters, I thought of modifying the shapes of some of the letters to represent animal forms. At first, I thought of using the initials (both “B”s) but thought it would be more creative to use the “D” of “Bed” and the “B” of Biscuit. The “D” already is shaped liked the body of a dog, while the “B”, that of a cat. And since both these letters are separated by a the “&”, not only does the name of the company say “Bed & Biscuit” but also “Dog & Cats”…

After some feedback from the client, I made the necessary revisions (though minor) to create this final version.

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