Friday, May 11, 2007

Of Coconuts and Apples…

Before, I always bought fresh buko juice from a vendor (or who we would refer to as "mambubuko") near our home. It was almost a daily habit, making sure that I have fresh buko juice, slightly sweetened with sugar, with my late dinner. I would always order the "mala-uhog" type, characterized with a cloudier juice, which they say is more nutritious compared to the cleared ones. The only downside with this type is that it has thinner meat, so those who enjoy a meal with buko will most probably not enjoy this. The name itself, "mala-uhog" is enough deterrent for the sensitive ones.

It has been a long time since I bought buko juice, since I often came home late finding the buko stand closed already. Recently, I've been buying apple juice (the 100% all-natural ones, with no added ingredients) to replace the gap left by the buko juice. According to Treetop, only the best apples are used and about two quality apples go in every glass of apple juice! As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And I've been having a lot more successful bouts at the toilet ever since I drank apple juice regularly (this would be further validated by my mom and sister, whom I have already converted to Apple Juicism). I love apple juice!

One time, as I've been buying the usual 2-liter bottle of apple juice in a nearby grocery, I noticed that just in front of me, in queue to the counter, was the mambubuko buying packs of cigarettes. I've always wished he would stop smoking because I've noticed before as he hacks with his bolo on coconuts, some of the ashes from his cigarette would fall on my fresh buko juice. It's been a long time since I bought buko juice from him, and I'm sure he noticed my long absence. I was trying to avoid his line of sight, but too late, he was able to recognize me. He looked at me, almost revealing a smile, but then he noticed the big bottle of apple juice I already placed on the counter. He stared at it jealously and glanced back at me, now with a look of a betrayed lover… "NABUKO AKO!"


By the way, the drawing above is my first entry spread in my new Moleskine notebook…

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