Friday, April 6, 2012

Kawaiillustration 3

Maybe in the desk, maybe in my pocket, maybe in my bag
I’m always forgetting all the time, I ponder my selections
Just a little, just a little, for real – just a little, happiness is coming alive
A sweet smell lingers in this fluffy atmosphere
Following up on my Kawaiillustration series, where I utilize a style of combined vector and traditional drawing, here is a piece inspired again by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is probably the most popular model and personality in Japan nowadays. She's the personification of kawaii, and the pervasiveness of her influence to present and future Japanese popular culture is intense. The art is derived from her latest music video entitled "Candy Candy":

The video features Kyary running late for her taping (hence the toast in her mouth... "eat and run") but arrives just in time. While resting, an impostor replaces her which enrages her. Not sure, why the Onion gets mad, but since this is a tie-in with the marketing of Breo, a mint candy, perhaps the Onion is actually the God of Bad Breath. Nothing much can be said about the video, but one can't deny how her music sticks to mind. It's worth watching her other videos (Tsukema Tsukeru is interesting) and listening to her music, if it suits your taste and you dig these kind of stuff.

I started with a sketch (on the first paper I could grab to), then proceeded to inking, scanning, vectorizing, and eventually coloring.

CandyCandy WIP0

CandyCandy WIP1

CandyCandy WIP2

CandyCandy WIP3

Here's another version of the illustration:

Ah, but, this or that, everyone
Wants to be amazing
I heard your request, but I had no time to tend to it
Because, because, I’m a girl after-all, so I treasure “now”
A sweet smell lingers in this fluffy atmosphere
Candy candy candy candy candy
Sweetie sweetie girls love
Chewing chewing chewing chewing chewing
Cutie cutie ch-ch-ch-chewing love

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