Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Close Call


“A Close Call”

As Alex Dorsey looks across the crowded room at Mariangela Diaz, he has no idea that in 99.99999% of the parallel universes that him and Mariangela both exist in, they actually meet at this party and embark on a horribly destructive and lengthy love affair that ruins both of their lives and leaves them bitter, hollow shells of their former selves… creating a legacy of pain and sorrow for generations.

FORTUNATELY, this version of Alex and Mariangela happen to live in the parallel reality where Mariangela picked up smoking at the age of 16 (which only occurs in .00001% of the parallel universes she exists in), so that when Alex spotted her from across the room, he thought to himself “I don’t like smoking” and then quickly looked away… never to think of her again.

While each of their paths in time led them here, in this reality they do not continue together… neither of them ever knowing how close they came to lives of pure misery.

Original art and writing by David Micheal Chandler of The Daily Doodles ("A Close Call"). I sooo loved this piece, I just had to draw it in my Moleskine.

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