Friday, June 26, 2009

A Poem: Mariang Makiling

I should have announced this months ago (Sorry Pete!). I was contacted by Pete Lacaba, who maintains the blog "Ka Pete (Sa Patalim)" requesting permission to use one of my drawings to illustrate one of his poems, Mariang Makiling. The drawing he was referring to was Maria Makiling:

Maria Makiling

The drawing was actually featured in one of my previous blogs: Legilimens, and I described it as: "a quick drawing done on used bond paper (at the back side is a page from a discarded thesis draft)" to demonstrate to one of my friends how to work a brush pen. It is actually inspired from Irene Sarmiento's short story entitled "Malakas and Maria".

Of course I agreed after I read the beautiful poem. It's wonderful how my humble drawing can somehow come alive with Lacaba's words. I just hope it also added new flavor to his words. I definitely recommend everyone to visit his blog and read the full text of the poem: Ka Pete: Mariang Makiling (April 25, 2009).

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