Thursday, December 28, 2006

No wonder the internet's soooo slooooow!

Since yesterday, I've been frustrated and I haven't been able to access my email yet because Outlook can't access Yahoo! This is weird, because I can easily access my other email accounts (Gmail, MSN and GMXMail). Surfing wise, I can't seem to access Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, Yahoo! sites (all of which are essential to my blogging needs, because most of my resources are stored there), and others, but I can easily access Google, MSN and of the blog sites. I've been busy preparing for a budget proposal and reviewing a research paper, I wasn't even able to look at the widgets installed on my desktop. I had one which automatically receives RSS feeds from, and look what came in:

QUAKE KNOCKS ASIA BACK TO PRE-INTERNET DAYS!!! I can't get the complete details about it because I can't access (But I still get the RSS feeds). This is terrible news (as well as the others that follow it). I hope they fix it fast... I need to check and send emails soon! And I have blog drafts waiting to be published.

Oh well...

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