Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CSS is one Creepy Stupefying Stuff...

I finally was able to sort out the layout of the Perelandran Frontier, my multiply site, and now it looks prettily how much I wanted it to look like. Simple and neat. And it took hours of modifying the Outburst template, and for me to do that, I had to immerse myself in CSS which is creepy stupefying stuff! Thanks to blogs at Multiply Customized Themes and Modify your Multiply profile, I was able to grasp the intricacies of CSS as it applies to multiply customization, but mostly I had to rely on my own research. I had to undersand the codes, syntax and standards of CSS, and read through the highly technical guides in W3Schools, search through google, using phrases as "changing text with pictures...", "removing borders from profile..." and "css for dummies..." and many more! I had more than 8 windows open at the same time, browsing through all of these, jumping back and forth, making sure I'm getting it right. I had to sneak in from behind various sites I used as models and sniff out the html codes (right click, view source) and the css reference file. I had to print out long pages of html and css code, highlight tags (id's and classes) and label parts (because some template authors just don't care to put /*----reference point----)/ in their css files. It is one cracked sappy substance more potent than hash. I gained a cool sensational skill, which will be very useful to my sidejob. But it is all worthwhile, and now I can proceed with writing in my blogs, without being bothered about how my multiply looks like and stop being a crazy single stud. Now stop smiling, you crusty silly studmuffin, you crabbie stupid sister!

I'll be posting in future blogs details of how I went about customizing the Outburst template in Multiply

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