Saturday, August 16, 2008

Logo Design: Dale Tu Photography

Dale Tu was looking for a simple and elegant logo for the official website he's creating and business material for Dale Tu Photography. As in most photography studio logos, it should be simple but elegant, something that can work simply in black and white and can look good on both black and white backgrounds. He particularly likes the signature style or simple geometry or brush style as can be seen in some logos he actually likes.

The logo directly above was actually made by Dale himself. I tried to develop something from his creation, since I sensed he wanted a mark that would represent not just his initials but the craft itself, something that would be unique and would set it apart from other photography studio logos. I focused on creating a symbol. After a series of attempts (with a tablet using the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator), I finally made a mark that I think is able to represent a subtle "d" and a subtle "t". I wanted it also to suggest certain images… a subtle face... a subtle sensual human figure.

I then added the necessary text to match the evoked elegance of the mark.

Here's the final version.

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