Monday, June 30, 2008

Half-Naked for Half of the Day…

When confronted with the question, "How would you describe your job in Quality Life Discoveries?" I would usually answer: "Well, my work requires me to be half-naked for more than half of the day each day…" Seriously!

Well, that's just one aspect of my daily routine. Having a pool in the clinic you work in, means expecting to stare at your pruned fingers at the end of each session. When you work in the water for so long, you could almost honestly say that you could breath underwater (I think I already have scales and gills growing on my body). But kidding aside, I enjoy working with my clients, ranging from the very young and fragile (say 10 months old) to the very old and senile (record eldest 86 years old) in the pool. This and pushing paper, talking, supervising, designing and organizing. It gets overwhelming once in a while, but the challenge is exciting. The only sad thing is I always wish I have the body to flaunt whenever I'm in the pool.

Just recently, the center was featured in Expat Travel & Lifestyle Vol. 2, No. 1 2008 (I think it was released around March – June) which featured healthy living. Months before, we were interviewed by Jacky Ong who was able to experience some of our services firsthand. The article is "Beyond Health: Discovering Quality of Life" and it includes a picture of me half-naked. Biggify these scans if you dare. But seriously, it is a well written piece introducing our center. Take a look.



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