Saturday, January 27, 2007

Technology Convergence... on the new iPhone (Part 2)

Found this CBS News feature on the real iPhone (haha, not the spoof video I featured in Part 1) which offers us a closer look on a working iPhone:

I am so drooling for this - sweet touch screen, fast and smooth response times, eye-candy and intuitive menus (album cover flipovers!), and intelligent sensors (I could imagine people tilting their iPhones all the time just for the heck of the auto-positioning function)! This is almost my dream machine but it just barely equalled the ElectroPhone (Electrotherapy Phone) I designed a few years back (had to dig up my old sketchbooks for this) - complete with 2 channels for treatment or diagnosis, graphic menu for parameter settings and network capabilities for health records connection... and of course, it's a (hard to use, haha) cellphone:

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