Saturday, June 23, 2007

Logo Design: Core Values for Kinze

Kinze Manufacturing, Inc., an agricultural company that manufactures row crop planters and grain wagons needed graphical symbols representing 5 Core Values that will be used internally for the company employees and for their external customers and dealers who will see them when they come on-site for tours and training sessions. They wanted the symbols to bring to mind the core value associated with it whenever the employees saw these. Their customers and dealers will better understand the company culture after seeing the symbols. The 5 core values are Integrity, Customer Focus, Excellence, Innovation, and Mutual Respect:

They are defined as follows:

  1. Integrity: "We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships. Honesty, commitment, truth, and honor are not just words; they are the governing Christian principles by which we conduct our business."
  2. Customer Focus: "We are customer-driven. There must be a sense of urgency on any matters related to our customers. Service and warranty are ahead of profit. Customers assure our future and drive our growth. We are in business as a result of the trust and loyalty of our customers."
  3. Excellence: "We are committed to excellence. It must permeate our culture and every aspect of our activities. Each of us must make a maximum effort to provide a quality product that responds to and anticipates our customer needs. Our products must meet and exceed competition. Rather than asking "is it good enough", we must ask, "how can we do it better?" The policies and procedures we implement will guide the management of our organization's crucial resources so we can remain profitable. Operational excellence will be achieved by working together as a team and diligently performing tasks in an exceptional manner. The quality of everything we do reflects on us and is essential for maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees."
  4. Innovation: "Innovation is critical to our success. Our workplace must be an environment where creativity and new ideas, consistent with our company direction, have the ability to reach their full potential. We welcome new challenges as opportunities for growth and must be able to quickly react to our customer needs."
  5. Mutual Respect: "Mutual respect is the ability to listen and learn from everyone. We care about the professional and personal well being of each member of Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. People are our greatest asset and we will strive to exhibit care, concern and interest in those with whom we work and with whom we do business. Our work environment respects individual talents and provides opportunities for training, leadership development, professional growth and financial reward. A secure, highly motivated, and well-trained workforce will thrive and enjoy the challenges of meeting our customer needs."

I designed the logos to have a central agricultural theme, using elements relevant to the nature of their farming business. I developed 2 concepts for this project, one using greater detail with all the symbols arranged in a ring style. The other used simpler brush strokes and arranged in a cartouche style. The symbols for both are very similar. For integrity, I chose the symbol of a single tree. For customer focus, that of a seedling – the customers after all are the foundation of the company, and I drew hands tending to its growth. Excellence was represented through the traditional 1st place medal. Innovation is represented by their product – the tractor and in the other version, the tractor wheel. Mutual respect is shown through hands in agreement:

Ring Kinze:

Cartouche Kinze:

The client eventually bought the rights for "Ring Kinze", but personally I liked "Cartouche Kinze" better. But of course, the client knows best. Which would you choose?


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